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Missing a circle of memories

CHICOPEE – Much like many couples from the area, Nancy and Bob Arnold were excited to get their kielbasa on during the recently held K-Fest in the city. And what was initially anticipated to be yet another day to add to their log of fond memories together was one that ended in quite the opposite when Bob’s wedding band slipped off his finger on Saturday, May 23.
“We searched for hours,” Nancy said.
It was about 15 years ago that the couple first met through the “Singles” line. At the time, Nancy lived on Grove Street in Chicopee Falls and as it turned out, Bob lived just around the corner. Taking it slow, Nancy and Bob decided to grab a coffee at the local Dunkin Donuts and upon meeting, there was instant chemistry. READ MORE


On August 11th, the Rite Aid Pharmacy was robbed, and the suspects video and photo were posted here. We received many tips, and today, at 4:45pm, after an investigation by Det Sgt Jeff Nadeau, and Det Tim Foley, the following subject was arrested at our Police Department.

28 Glen Alben St
Springfield, MA 01101

Charged with Armed Robbery while Masked w/a Firearm

He is being held at the Police Lockup until his court appearance tomorrow morning.

Off Michael Wilk
Chicopee Police Department

Another serious crime solved, thanks in part, to all of your messages and tips.

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2 days ago  ·  

***NOTE: Police Union Fundraising***

Today, August 31, our Local Police Patrolmen's Union 401 will be fundraising for the next few weeks. There is a company that does call requesting donations, which go to various events, as well as children's activities. They request picking up donations in person, however, you can drop off at our police station. ALSO, if you have a question about the caller being genuine, you can call our dispatch, 594-1700, and the officer can verify the name on our list at the PD. THANK YOU all for your continued support. We all appreciate it.

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4 days ago  ·  

Please see our local Civic Organizations Learn More